Lunch at Calico Cafe

Calico is a great new-ish restaurant at Bloor and Brock, using many locally sourced ingredients and offering a veggie/vegan friendly menu of freshly made, whole and hearty foods. Open for brunch, lunch and dinner.

One response to “Lunch at Calico Cafe

  1. Katie Rosenberg

    Readers beware! I had truly the worst breakfast ever there. It was the morning after nuit blanche, and thus may not have been the best time to go out with high expectations, but I considered because they were open it was fair game. Omlette: Why were you browned to a sulfuric spongy crisp on the outside and still undercooked within? Moreover, the too earthy (and mushy) eggplant and mushroom filling had no redeeming factors and the $2 extra we paid for a “sprinkle” (seriously no more than 2 tsp’s) of local ricotta was flavourless and sunk the omlette ship. Feta would have at least added some much needed flavour to this horrible desecration of eggs. BBQ Tofu Sandwich: Just because the bun was made on-site does not excuse the fact that it was clearly stale. The tofu had no marinade (i.e. was white and squeaky); the only BBQ part of it was the fact that it was given a serious (and carcinogenic) charring on the grill. The sale bread was spread with nothing – another serious failure. In a sandwich at a any restaurant, what better way to give a sandwich flavour than by spreading something delicious on the bread (tapenade, pesto, mustard…anything!!)? Only good thing? The bread that came along with the omlette and it’s accompanying homemade strawberry preserves.

    Went back yesterday after scowling at it’s door for months and picked up a sweet potato chocolate muffin. Muffin was tender and tasty, though the middle was not cooked through and nor were the sweet potatoes. SOMETHING smelled good in there!! Just not sure if Calico will get a third shot with me.

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