Union 72 Lunch

Suppliers for Union 72

It was my father’s birthday. He doesn’t really care about his birthday, but my mother and I decided to make a little fuss, or at least acknowledge that it was a special day for him… I suggested we lunch at Union 72 on Ossington. Having been there for dinner months ago and thrilled with the food the first time, I thought it would be a perfect spot to entertain the folks. My parents have very good taste. They are very good eaters. And they have very high standards. It’s never a good idea to just suggest any old place. I enticed them to move out of their comfort zone (L’Espresso by Bar Mercurio), and venture to the relatively grotty Queen West/Ossington hot spot.

Our meals were very good. Both my mom and dad went for the Croque Madame topped with bright yolked fried eggs, frites with mayo, and tender green salad slathered with mustard seeds. I went for the trout fillet and chili oil with creamy-crunchy radish mashed potatoes and bright green chard. Divine! Topped it off with lemon-verbena tea and spent the rest of my day cycling by the lake in the sun. Ah, the life of leisure.

Mommy and Daddy's Croque Madame

Trout Fillet with Chili Oil

2 responses to “Union 72 Lunch

  1. Would you believe, yesterday I had a croque madame for lunch too? Must’ve been that sort of day.

    : )

  2. Wow, I think I just salivated all over myself. I’m suddenly homesick for all my old haunts. I know where I’m going for brunch when I’m back in town.

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