Green Glass Saves Gigi

It always amazes me that restaurants and cafes stay in business when the proprietor is A. unfriendly, or B. unwelcoming. The few times that I have gone into Saving Gigi, I have been less than impressed by the attitude that seems to permeate every square inch of the place. There’s a trickle down effect on the customers too, who, different from other espresso refueling stations around Toronto, sneer when asked to share their coveted table. To be fair, I used to live in the apartment upstairs during a dark period of my life, and there is the potential that I could be projecting unhappy memories on the space. But really, is it necessary to make a customer alienating, outdoor voice announcement, with extreme avoidance of eye contact, that the cafe will be closing prefaced by: “For those of you who haven’t been here before and might not know what this song means, you’ve got half an hour”?

Saving Gigi has one saving grace… the little things. A collection of green glass bottles is charmingly chilled and at the ready to serve with your Americano. Above head – big, airy, white paper light fixtures sway gently in the breeze from the ceiling fan creating atmosphere and softening edges. The colourful cushion covers strewn across the window benches sparkle in the sunlight. It’ll do for a Saturday afternoon of career exploration and municipal government musings with friends.

Green Glass at Saves Gigi


3 responses to “Green Glass Saves Gigi

  1. I went there in the summertime one rainy afternoon, and wanted to love the place, but just…couldn’t…no hardcore bad vibes detected, but just something…missing. Know what I mean? But, the lady working that day was sweet and friendly, she made an excellent grilled cheese, and the place was relatively empty. Better experience than yours but still not-quite-right. Perhaps we are spoiled by our “local”?

    : )

  2. hi zara —

    this is anthony. melinda’s friend who you met at the common the other night.

    my best friend in the entire world, amelia, bought saving gigi in the fall from gigi — the original owner. since her and her partner, kristjan, have taken over, it seems like most people are starting to like it again. they’re REALLY friendly people, and have brought a nicer, down-to-earth atmosphere to the place.

    maybe you’re holding a grudge from the old days, or maybe my friends service the other day just wasnt “cutting it” . if this is the case, ill let her know! she really cares about making the place more inviting, as she knows how detrimental the old owner was to the atmosphere of the place.

    anyhow, all im saying is… give it another shot with an open mind!

    • Inevitably I will be invited to meet someone there at some point, so I’m sure I will give it another shot, but the likelihood of my going there for the sake of going there, is slim. Thanks for the low down on what’s going on with the place Anthony!

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