Chia recipe gone terribly wrong…

This weekend has been one recipe disaster after another. First my almonds decided to be jerks and be too dusty to cooperate with the almond-butter making process… Then the chia thing, my goodness. At least the weekend was saved by the fact that I actually remembered, from 8 months ago, how to make gyoza.

I have been eating far too much very good food recently, and as a result, I have packed on some extra insulation for the winter season. It would be fine if I could afford to buy a whole new accommodating wardrobe, but currently I can’t do up my pants, or sit comfortably in my jeans… Alas, I am looking to the “superfoods” I promote every day through work to supply me with the nutrients I need, without all of the calories. I focused in on chia (Salvia Hispanica L.) this weekend, trying to come up with interesting ways of incorporating this antioxidant and Omega-3 rich seed into my new streamlined diet. The mucilaginous properties of these little seeds inspired me to create some sort of dessert quenching treat, like a pudding. I thought about using chocolate as a flavour enhancer, but reconsidered since I’m trying to go easy on the calories. So, I used spiced tea to flavour my experimental Chai Chia Pudding. I also just liked the way that it sounded…

Here’s what I did, which I highly discourage you from trying at home:

1 cup water, 1 cup almond milk (unsweetened), 6 Tbsp Chia seeds (whole), 1 Tbsp brown cane sugar (could use honey or agave syrup as well), 2 Chai tea bags.

Brew the tea in the liquid until nice and flavourful. Add sugar until dissolved and chill until room temperature. Add Chia seeds. stir and chill, stirring occasionally for a few hours. Blend in a food processor until evenly mixed up, and spoon into serving dishes. Let set in fridge about 2 hours. Sprinkle ground cinnamon on top to serve.

If you really like the consistency of snot, then this recipe is for you! Chia can hold 14 times its weight in water, which turns into a jelly surrounding the seed. It is quite strange and kind of intriguing. There is a myriad of health benefits to take into consideration, but they still remain a funny texture. When I showed my friend what I was doing, he said “well what do you expect, Zara? Look what you put in it!” I laughed out loud and scraped the bowl clean to spite him. It didn’t taste bad at all, but the texture is something that may be an acquired affection.

The saving grace of the weekend was the gyoza. I picked up ground turkey from Rowe Farms, and used the veg I had in the fridge (onion, red cabbage, enoki mushrooms, spinach, sweet potato, zucchini). It took forever to get the hang of it, but they turned out pretty good looking. The real test will come tomorrow when I fry them up for the fam for my sister’s welcome home dinner!

Memories of Eigensinn - Turkey Gyoza


18 responses to “Chia recipe gone terribly wrong…

  1. Holy crap…”if you really like the consistency of snot, then this is the recipe for you!”

    When I publish my first cookbook, THIS recipe is going in it, attributed to your blog, of course, because I think that is just about the funniest lead-in of all time. And, I want to see it in print.

  2. snot: bad.

    gyoza: good.

    good to have confirmed the things you already know.

  3. Did you make the gyoza ‘wrappers’ yourself or are they store-bought. Looks like a fun recipe to try.

    • Store bought. When you come home, we should try making them together. They were really yummy, mixed together soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce to dip in….salty, fried, turkey goodness.

  4. Hey–it strikes me now, the chia snot recipe may not have been a total disaster! You could’ve used some of its gooey boogeryness to glue the gyoza shut!

  5. Welltailored – I think I’ll stick with a little sprinkling of filtered water for the gyoza skins, m’dear. But thanks so much for the idea! Next time I make you something else that needs to be stuck together, I will use chia snot.

    • Now I’m imagining a Chia Pet with a runny nose…

      • foodandpassion

        I think it is hilarious that as soon as I use a word that evokes grade two potty language giggling, there is a stream of comments written by some of the most mature people I know. 🙂
        I will be sure to use these more often to elicit such a response!

      • Actually it was the gyoza that got me… I have a soft-spot for gyoza. Have you tried the Japanese place on Baldwin (i’m forgetting the name right now) that makes a gyoza roll? Highly untraditional, but definitely delicious.

      • welltailored

        Always a pleasure to knock the calibre and content down a few (boogery) notches. heh heh.

        Ok, I promise to comment more smartlike-ish next time.

        ; )

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  8. I’ve never had my own chia pet or chia head or whatnot, but they look cool on TV. I just eat the seeds and I swear, they help sooo much as far as energy and feeling good throughout the day goes. I honestly started feeling so much better on a day-to-day basis after I started putting them in my smoothies about a year ago. The one’s I get are Chia Pure. Chia Seeds Right Now they are even buy 1
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