Know your organs?

TEN POINTS awarded to the first person to identify this organ and the type of animal it came from correctly.


P.S. The points only count for my love and affection towards you and little else… yes, it’s a points system…no, I will not tell you your current score.


5 responses to “Know your organs?

  1. I’m thinking pancreas with a gallbladder… not sure which animal.

  2. A green little bile-filled gallbladder is involved there somewhere, in which case the other bit should be a liver…but…it seems like the wrong shape…hmmm…and it seems kinda tiny…My second guess is “inside-out jellyfish with fried green tomato”.

  3. Definitely gallbladder and liver. Is that bile? Gross.

    It’s kind of hard to guess the animal without a size reference. I’ll go with chicken.

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