Happy Hour in Honour of Christ

After a day of training for my new fabulous job at Provenance Regional Cuisine, Dan D and I took to the park to discuss our impending cooking workshop schedule and menus. A perfect sunny afternoon surrounded by the sea of hipsters at Trinity-Bellwoods on a holiday Monday.

After business was taken care of, the next most logical step was a drink on a patio for happy hour. Bar One, the destination of choice as neither of us had been there. Gin and Tonic, Compari and Soda, what could have been more perfect as the sun was setting at the far end of Queen Street. Adam Colquohoun of Oyster Boy just happened to walk by, and it dawned on us that oysters would be the subsequent next most logical step in our tipsy afternoon haze.

Cascumpec Bay Oysters

A glass of Cuvee Catherine Brut from Henry of Pelham and a dozen continent straddling oysters later, happy hour ended blissfully and we both carried on our way into the evening.

Stay tuned for news about the following fundraising foodie workshops coming up in May and June 2010. “Meet you Meat”, “Flirt with your Flour”, “Move your mozzarella”, and more!


2 responses to “Happy Hour in Honour of Christ

  1. Must’ve been something in the air this weekend–I stopped at Bar One on Saturday for a campari-soda…and hadn’t been there in at least a year.

    : )

  2. Ooh… let me know about the dates… I’ll be back in Toronto in June and July!

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