War Zone in the Kitchen

So, the past few weeks have been consumed by participating in a television show, of which I cannot tell you details, yet. Hence the lack of blogging… sorry folks.

Learning the ropes of how tv works (or more accurately, doesn’t) has been challenging to say the least, and we haven’t even gotten to the hard part of this particular competition. My friend, Amanda, and I will be in the kitchen for about 14 hours tomorrow, scrutinized by professionals and amateurs alike. But despite the show being about food, the subject matter being focused on is, inappropriately, about our personal lives. We are going mental, haven’t slept enough, and keep being told that things will take a lot less time than they actually do. Not to mention, our bellies are screaming bloody murder as we continue to pump them full of other peoples’ “gourmet” meals day in and day out.

All this being said, it is quite exciting to be a part of a show to be aired on the Food Network in a few months from now. I have no doubt we’ll win the battle, and to my opponents, I say: “bring it on… it’ll make for great tv.”


One response to “War Zone in the Kitchen

  1. welltailored

    Mademoiselle, I look forward to this evening when our “schedule” suggests 8 – 9 pm: Zara and Amanda clean up & break”…presumably, this will be more like 10 pm, haha, but nonetheless, I vote we pause, crack a bottle of Cliquot, survey the wreckage before we lift a finger to tidy up, and toast the past two months of crazy.

    : )

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