Uh oh. I guess I’m a Foodiot.

I may be guilty as charged. But I refuse to apologize for my enthusiasm! Discovering food and all things related to it, and documenting my experiences is one thing that I truly love to do, so read it or don’t, but I’m going to keep writing!


It’s a few days later since this was originally posted…some thoughts…

AND… now that I have been thinking about this for a few days, I am livid that there is a backlash against people reclaiming knowledge, skills, and connection to food. One of the number one problems in the world right now is the disconnection that is being established between eaters and how food is produced. By learning how to pickle things, make ice cream from scratch, butcher a whole animal, or get excited about artisan cheeses for example, not to mention share that knowledge with others and get excited about it, for the sole purpose of learning, I can’t think of anything more human, more connected and wholesome. Sure it can get annoying to hear about the same products (ramps and sea asparagus…noted), the same producers who have made it into the spotlight, the same restaurants which take pride in discussing the provenance of the items on their menus, and all of the many ways to make organ meats appealing, but this is inherently good, folks. Good, not bad. Not exclusive. Not inaccessible. Not a passing fancy. People are empowering themselves to take control of their food one baby step at a time; with each tomato plant in each container on each balcony; with each visit to a farmers’ market; with every keystroke and Youtube video documenting the process. People are excited about what they’re learning, and feel good about it, so they share their enthusiasm, and good on ’em. I don’t read all of the food blogs out there, and I certainly don’t assume that everyone is reading mine, nor do I think they should care. But, if they do, and if I can brighten someone’s day with a story, teach something to someone that they can use to nourish their bodies, minds and spirits, or help them pass some time, then I am satisfied. I will not be told that I am a Foodiot, and I am happy to be called a Foodie if that is indeed what I am. C’est la vie. Full stop.


One response to “Uh oh. I guess I’m a Foodiot.

  1. Oh gawd, why do I feel like I am reliving our TV premiere, reading that article?

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