Just came back form a three days mushroom-a-ganza! Headed out with the new-ish Nova Scotia Mycological Society for their third annual foray. We had four expert mycologists, and 50+ participants working together to collect, identify, eat, grow, learn about, and catalogue over 100 species throughout the weekend. The foray was held at White Point Inn by the south-east coast of Nova Scotia and the white capped waves of the Atlantic. Bliss

Find out more about the foray by reading my piece for Good Food Revolution


One response to “Mycophile

  1. Wow- I’m jealous! Husband and I went to their very first foray 2 years ago in Musquodoboit, and were hoping to go this year but had to choose between mushrooms or Deep Roots. Deep Roots was cheaper, so it won. I must tell the organizers to not host on a Deep Roots weekend, next year.

    Please post lots of pics- I look forward to reading about this years foray.

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