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The Art of Collecting Eggs

Eggs await removal

There is a common, yet irrational fear of placing one’s uncalloused fingers into a chicken coop for the first time. I’ve heard this phenomenon expressed by several seasoned friends and acquaintances who have embraced the joys of raising chickens. It starts when you walk toward the coop. Within a few metres the scent of ammonia becomes salient, the warmth created by roosting hens, and rooster counterparts, emanates from their humble abode, and the clucking, chirping and cock-a-doodling rings in the ears. You brace yourself for the collection event, which deep down you know will bring joys of custards and frittatas, with certain caution that comes while reaching in.

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Off with your wings!

Today I started working for Provenance Regional Cuisine. Alex Johnston has created a business delivering prepared meals, pantry staples and fresh food products to homes across Toronto. Every ingredient has been carefully chosen and lovingly prepared as weekly menus or a la carte as directly as possible from farm to front door. Subscribers receive several meals each week on Thursday evenings to enjoy for the week to come. This week, the kitchen was churning out meat pies, cheesy meatballs, pork and beans, sustainable fennel and fish soup, and corned beef hash. While I was there Fenwood chickens were delivered to the kitchen and butchered by guest chef, Dan DeMatteis, who took me under his wing to show me how to properly butcher a chicken. I have hacked my way through bones and flesh many times before, but this was an art. I think I did pretty well too!

Butchering Fenwood Naturally Raised Chicken at Provenance