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Little Brown Balls

AM Bourbon Chocolate Bonbons

There really is no effective way of making little brown balls, of even the most delicious concoctions, look good. My ladyfriend came bearing gifts of Bourbon Bonbons this morning made from leftover chocolate cake, liquid courage, and light dusting of cocoa powder to kiss lips as they passed through. So delicious, but a misery to photograph. Anyone out there have a better strategy for this type of documentation?

David says rabbit pellets, I say giraffe… any other likenesses anyone would care to share with us?


Finally Cocoa Camino Offers Baking Bars!

We can now breath a sigh of relief knowing that the chocolate used in our baking projects is easy on the conscience. Getting far too excited about this development, I went a bit overboard on a cake that I was asked to make for dinner at a friend’s house.

Whipped Chocolate Icing with Bittersweet Chocolate

Cocoa Camino has recently launched their Cuisine Camino line that includes three Baking Bars, Cocoa Powder, Turbinado and Brown Cane Sugars, and Semi- and Bittersweet Chocolate Chips. Perfect for the baker looking for a really high quality chocolate that’s also soy lecithin and GMO-free, organic, and fair trade certified. Look for it in your local stores, and if they haven’t picked it up yet, ask the grocery manager to start carrying it.

Using the mid-week marmalade from last week as glue to hold the simple chocolate cake together, I got to share it with friends. Dinner was a low-key version of the epic, rotating Sunday Night Dinners where we got to really enjoy one another’s company and the food. Alex made baked sweet potatoes and a black bean chili to slather on top, with sour cream, cheddar cheese, salsa and other garnishes to customize. Fennel cucumber salad too, and the ever-present platter of crudite necessary for any event that Alex and I are a part of.

Chocolate Marmalade Cake

Morsels of Heaven at Cava

After a brisk and lengthy bike ride, I stopped in to see Doug Penfold at Cava for a bite. Started with some bubbly in pink, snappy breadsticks, Pinchos with cold duck breast, green olive and anchovy, and the piece de resistance, chocolate! Never in my life have I put something so divine on my tongue as the White chocolate and lemon, and then the milk chocolate and fennel pollen – squares of pure pleasure.


Chocolates from Xoco Cava

The solid wood bar is a great place to sit and chat with Alessandro and Kyle while perusing all of the many wine bottles placed just so above the bar. A menu featuring huitlacoche crepas, alongside paella, and many other locally sourced Spanish tapas, this restaurant deserves multiple visits to try everything on the menu. And when you decide to go, invite me with you!