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It’s tea time for the Cowichan Valley

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Finally Cocoa Camino Offers Baking Bars!

We can now breath a sigh of relief knowing that the chocolate used in our baking projects is easy on the conscience. Getting far too excited about this development, I went a bit overboard on a cake that I was asked to make for dinner at a friend’s house.

Whipped Chocolate Icing with Bittersweet Chocolate

Cocoa Camino has recently launched their Cuisine Camino line that includes three Baking Bars, Cocoa Powder, Turbinado and Brown Cane Sugars, and Semi- and Bittersweet Chocolate Chips. Perfect for the baker looking for a really high quality chocolate that’s also soy lecithin and GMO-free, organic, and fair trade certified. Look for it in your local stores, and if they haven’t picked it up yet, ask the grocery manager to start carrying it.

Using the mid-week marmalade from last week as glue to hold the simple chocolate cake together, I got to share it with friends. Dinner was a low-key version of the epic, rotating Sunday Night Dinners where we got to really enjoy one another’s company and the food. Alex made baked sweet potatoes and a black bean chili to slather on top, with sour cream, cheddar cheese, salsa and other garnishes to customize. Fennel cucumber salad too, and the ever-present platter of crudite necessary for any event that Alex and I are a part of.

Chocolate Marmalade Cake