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Wolfville Farmer’s Market – One Brick at a Time

The Plans - Photo Credit, Bruce Dienes

Eighteen years have passed and it’s been a long and fruitful journey for the volunteers, directors and staff of the Wolfville Farmers Market. Starting with three vendors in a parking lot, this community hub has been transformed into a bustling intersection of business and pleasure. Live music plays prominently every Saturday morning like a piper, enticing neighbours and tourists alike to spend an hour or two taking in all of the flavours of Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley. Well known for its sensational array of apples, berries, organic produce, and rich, red soils, the region is an integral piece of the Nova Scotia food map. It’s a true coming of age story for the little farmers market that can, and with a big fundraising campaign underway, the Wolfville Farmer’s Market is casting off its outgrown, outdoor shell and will be moving into its new home in September, 2011.

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Blue Eggs from Ameraucana Hens

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a farmers’ market early in the morning to shop for the ingredients for the rehearsal dinner of an audition for a Food Network Show with Amanda. I was searching high and low for the few key components of a Salade Nicoise. I gave up on that idea though, quickly, since most of the traditional ingredients are totally out of season, so I was on the hunt for alternatives. I came up with the brilliant plan to make a Salade Torontoise. Wee carrots in a rainbow of colours, spicy black radish, sweet red radish, bulls blood beets, Belgian Endive, cucumbers, and smoked whitefish from the Akiwenzies. Just needed some hard-boiled eggs and I was set. I ran into an old farmer friend who represents a cooperative farming operation in the Kawarthas, and she told me, in a whisper, that she had secret eggs. These weren’t just any secret eggs though, they were BLUE! Imperfectly sized, and of many shades of blue-grey, these Ameraucana eggs were gorgeous. I couldn’t resist and had her pack them away under the table into my brown paper bag. I hurried them home and let them rest in the fridge while I went about my day in the magnificent sunshine walking through busy Kensington market, but couldn’t wait to test them out later that evening at our rehearsal dinner.

Local Americauna Blue Eggs

The eggs certainly didn’t disappoint. The yolks were bright orange, thick like molasses, and rich in flavour. The three of us couldn’t believe how tasty and beautiful the Ameraucanas turned out to be. Novelty or not, these eggs were delicious and I highly recommend spending the extra couple of bucks if you can get your hands on some. Usually I like to eat two eggs when I decide to eat eggs at all, but with these ones, one is more than enough. So satisfying and aesthetically titillating. In sweet little egg cups alongside the rest of the Salade Torontoise, dressed in a parsley-dense vinaigrette, and Amanda’s roast tomato tarte tatin, we had a winning combination for the audition coming up later in the week.