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The Unfamiliar Territory

I was over on the East side of town yesterday, having made it there underground from the North end of town. I was totally and utterly discombobulated, and when I emerged into the bright, warm, sunshiny day, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit out of place. It is March, but the sun was so warm I de-parka-ed, and was walking in places I had never walked. I started to think about the things I wanted in that moment to make me feel at home in the unfamiliar territory. A latte. Anything can be cured with a latte. I racked my brain trying to conjure up a memory of an article or something that could inform me of which direction to take to find the precious beverage… alas, I was running out of time and just had to walk in the direction I was meant to go, no lallygagging. Five minutes later, there in the distance I saw the telling wooden benches, the picture windows, ecotainer take out cups, and the glow of not only an apple from someone’s laptop,  but also the unmistakable glow of the Elektra. The espresso machine that I depend on every morning to give me my fix, has a cousin on the other side of the Bloor Viaduct. Who knew? Broadview Espresso is a sweet little place, with hot, disengaged baristas, people with laptops, and exactly what I needed to take the edge off. It was comfy, I knew the script, and didn’t surprise me at all that by walking a few blocks into a residential neighbourhood in the Toronto core, I would find what I was looking for. I actually giggled when I saw it and about how I had almost conjured the place in my mind only moments earlier. Pretty decent latte too. Tight microfoam, fancy latte art leaf, and rich flavour.

Broadview Espresso

Love Lingers in my Latte


Latte Love @ Balluchon c/o Raymond Emes

Lattes. They rock. Even better when the subtle flick of a barista wrist creates images of hearts and fern leaves when the steamed milk and crema so delicately mingle. I rarely order a latte when I’m out at cafes. My drink of choice tends to be an americano. I prefer the colour of deep brown espresso with just the perfect amount of hot water. I drink them more slowly than a latte, which I find go down too smoothly. But yesterday, something was different… Perhaps it’s the need for comfort food to get me through Valentine’s tearless, or maybe my body is telling me I am calcium deficient. Whatever the reason, I had three lattes! No woman in her right mind would have three lattes in one day, that’s about 750ml of whole milk, and 6 shots of espresso before 2pm. I must not be in my right mind.

Latte Leaf @ The Common c/o Anna

I tend not to order a latte if the milk that’s used isn’t organic. The charming glass bottles from Harmony delight me in so many ways.

Latte Lovers @ Bull Dog c/o ?

Next latte will be at Jimmy’s Coffee, where I have yet to experience the expertise that Max Waters brings to this new café.

For now, I’ll revel in my dairy daze and soak up the care and love that was infused into my morning. God knows I need a bit of that from time to time. Long live baristas everywhere!