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Lychees and Pennywort

Lychees and Pennywort

Perhaps I should start a new blog that is solely dedicated to eating in places I get to by bicycle around the GTA… but for now I will just continue to post these events (of which there have been many lately) here. If it gets annoying, let me know.

Pavillion of Friendship

Mississauga. A territory I have rarely ventured. As a downtown Toronto kid, I am saddened to say, and feel like a bit of a snob, but I really don’t know the ‘burbs. Of course, Shawn Micallef’s recent book “Stroll” is helping to open my eyes to the beauty of these vast landscapes, but what is truly getting me out of my comfort zone is my training and cycling all over the GTA. I had no idea where I was going to go yesterday, and wanted to avoid all multi-use recreational paths and trails as beautiful days mean high pedestrian traffic. Nice for pedestrians out for a stroll, not so nice for cyclists trying to increase their average speed.


The previous night I had ridden on the back of a motorcycle all the way out to Guelph Line on Dundas and had noticed an mysteriously elaborate gate leading into the Mississauga Chinese Centre just west of Tomken Rd. I took notice, was intrigued but didn’t think I would ever go there.

'nough said. "Perviously frozen duck"

The next day, however, when I headed in a westerly direction on two pedal powered wheels without knowing where I would end up, it dawned on me that this would be an excellent destination and probably a decent lunch. It was only 20km out of the city, so I probably shouldn’t have turned around there or taken a break that early, but the beckoning of the red and gold rooftops, the lions so proudly welcoming in visitors to the mall, and the hustle and bustle of families doing their Sunday errands was too exciting to ignore. I did a loop around the parking lot sussing out the scene, and decided to park by a grocery store sporting piles of fruit outside the front door. The security guard was less than impressed that I wanted to lock my bike up to his precious fence, and after I asked him three times not to touch my bike, he finally backed off. I don’t think there are many cyclists around those parts… kinda sad that mine was the only bike I could see in the whole place. Didn’t stop me from fully enjoying the cheerful music, open air meat freezers, styrofoam and cellophane wrapped piles of produce, and quizzical looks I was getting walking around in my spandex cycling gear.

After sucking on six perfect lychees and taking one regrettable sip of a pennywort drink, I moved on to dim sum. The cavernous Sun Sun Seafood Restaurant was nearly empty, save a few tables at the front, but I sat down and eagerly awaited the rolling carts bringing little packages of joy to my table. I opted for chicken

Sun Sun Dim Sum

feet, steamed shrimp and scallion dumplings, and shrimp cheong fun. The chicken feet were tasty, and fatty and juicy, but didn’t quite live up to Pearl at Queen’s Quay Terminal. The dumplings were very good, and my body was craving the simple carbs of the casings like crazy, so they disappeared quickly with a bit of help from a dip in some hot sauce and chinese mustard.

Shrimp Cheong Fun

Cheong fun is by far my favourite dim sum dish, and the slimy rice noodles rolled up around chewy shrimp and coated in oil and sweetened soy sauce. These ones were good, but cold, and had lost some of the slimy quality that I adore, the qualities that make the rice noodle roll slip around your mouth and down the hatch like an oyster. I managed to finish almost all of what I had chosen off the carts, took my full belly back to my bike and had a sluggish ride home. Not sure I would venture there alone again for dim sum in the late afternoon, but perhaps at peak hours with a table of ten, the experience would be awesome!