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Road Trip Christmas

Car-sized Tree on Christmas day meets Ontario!

There will be no photos or details about this past Christmas dinner. Let’s just say that this year taught me that although a warm, hearty meal is one of the best parts of the season, if you’re stuck in a snow storm in Northern Ontario, you have no good food left from shopping four days earlier in Vancouver, not one restaurant or grocery store has been open since you left Regina, and the only place to find food is at a gas station, it becomes exceedingly clear that the company one keeps is the most important part. Thank heavens for microwave dinners. (PS. You will never again see a sentence like that on this blog from here on.)


Cross-Continental Road Trip! With mushrooms, of course.

This post isn’t so much about food. It is the retelling of the adventure that brought me to my newest, food-intensive home on a farm in Cobble Hill on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia. It’s been a while since I have written. I’ve been busy. I’ll refrain from apologizing, but I assure you there are many food-related posts to come as I explore a new region, new skills, and a novel existence on the farm. Stay tuned!


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